NI Cyber Security are running a virtual event on 10 May called Staying Cyber Secure – The Basics.

The event will be focused on the small/medium sized business sector in the morning (10.30-12) and the community and voluntary sector in the afternoon (2-3.30pm).

Cyber Security Webinar – Back to Basics

Details are as follows:

Staying Cyber Secure – The Basics

Small businesses and voluntary/community organisations face challenges to ensure that their staff, digital assets and customers are protected from cyber attacks.

A successful attack can have serious consequences leading to the interruption of business functions like supply chains, financial / data theft and reputational damage.

This webinar is designed to help organisations be proactive about their cyber security. Participants can learn about common cyber threats and trends, how to prevent a cyber attack and how to minimise disruption to their business in the event of an attack.

The speakers at the event will be Joe Dolan, NI Cyber Security Centre, and cyber security experts from Danske Bank, PSNI and Vertical Structure.

How to register:

This is a free event and will be held virtually via Webex on Monday 10 May 2021.

Registration details are available on the NI Cyber Security website:

For more information, email

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