In news that will impact a lot of manufacturing firms, our colleagues at MPANI recently attended a meeting involving representatives from MPA, Construction Plant Association, Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), Build U.K. and a number of concerned MPs to discuss the impending removal of the red diesel rebate.

As well as the great work that MPANI have bene doing in lobbying on this issue, the other GB based organisations have been lobbying Treasury and Ministers by writing to local MPs and highlighting common concerns over the removal of the red diesel rebate but it is evident that Treasury has not been and are still not listening to industry’s concerns.

Agreement was reached at the meeting to do the following in the time we have left:

1. Group of supportive MPs who wrote to Chancellor, but were dismissed, will now make efforts to speak to senior Downing Street advisors.

2. MPs to collect details of Industry correspondence with Treasury and HMRC and present to Westminster Treasury Select Committee .

3. A short A4, front and back, bullet point format information paper will be produced and circulated to all MPs, ASAP.

4. All organisations are to encourage their members  to write again to their local MPs highlighting impact on their business, increased theft risks and ever increasing material cost inflation. All of this with absolutely no benefit for the environment.

We will continue to keep members up to date on events.

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