Digital Catapult are holding two upcoming events that may be of note to Manufacturing NI members.

  1. Bridge AI scoping event 20th February – link to register

On the 20th February, Innovate UK and partners will be bringing together leaders in the AI field to discuss the direction and focus of the upcoming national multi-million programme Bridge AI.

Hosting presentations from the programme consortium and round table discussions, this event is a rare opportunity to shape the future of AI in the UK and make a significant impact on the economy.

Join us to:

  • Influence the direction of our programme and future government policy on AI
  • Learn about the vast upcoming funding opportunities for AI projects
  • Network with your peers to form valuable partnerships and consortiums


  1. Future of Supply Chain Labs – Northern Ireland – 22 February

There is an opportunity to join a Digital Catapult Workshop looking at digital innovation across supply chains and how we can use technology to address the challenges they face.   It’s a one-time workshop in Belfast for a small group of enterprises (8-10) and we’d like to invite you to participate as we imagine this may be of benefit to you.

If you are unable to attend, then you might want to suggest an organisation within your supply chain who might also benefit from this.

This is part of Digital Catapult’s wider Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub.  This is a national programme to accelerate the understanding and inclusion of digital technology across supply chains.

I’ve included some info below and the link to register your interest.

If you have any questions, please get in contact.

Supply chains made smarter, together

UK Manufacturing is facing a supply chain crisis. Rising prices, transport delays, materials shortages and working capital pressure. Digital Catapult’s Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub is a national programme working to advance and accelerate the understanding and inclusion of digital technology in UK supply chains to tackle these challenges. The Future of Supply Chain Labs flagship programme is being led by Deloitte and EDGE Digital Manufacturing and funded by Digital Catapult’s Digital Supply Chain Hub to help

SME manufacturers to explore and realise the potential of digital technologies to increase productivity and competitiveness by digitising supply chains. Through structured workshops and one-to-one support Future of Supply Chain Labs will help you to discover how to leverage digital technologies and to develop smarter digital supply chains, as well as the wider support and funding available for digital technology innovation and adoption. Future of Supply Chain Labs will provide you with ideas and approaches to:

  • Improve forecasting and demand management
  • Improve visibility of real-time data, tracking and traceability
  • Manage disruption and the impact on lead times
  • Measure carbon footprint, emissions and reduce energy use.
  • Improve stock control, reduce waste and manage materials price volatility


Register here for the workshop being held at Digital Catapult Ormeau Baths in Belfast, Wednesday 22 February:

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