Here are the topics most frequently raised in the past seven days with embedded links to where you can access further guidance on those queries.

  1. Supplementary declarations
    A popular topic including how the API bulk upload works and what information is required.
  2. Controlled goods
    When moving controlled goods from GB to NI, there are additional data fields you will need to complete – see the data guide here for more information.
  3. Transit GB to NI via Ireland
    Moving goods from GB to NI via Ireland (IE) is a popular route for traders, with a substantial percentage of goods arriving in NI from GB this way.

    This guide gives an overview of customs processes required to move goods under Transit via Ireland and how TSS supports traders using this route, including the data required.

  4. Incoterms 2020
    Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) or Ex Works (EXW) – which Incoterm is best to use for GB to NI trade? Read the TSS guide here to find out.
  5. Rules of Origin
    You need to include proof of origin when making Supplementary declarations

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