The use of TriMedika’s TRITEMPTM non-contact thermometer has enabled Energy Store of Belfast to get back to work safely during pandemic times through the use of temperature screening. Mark Hunter, Operations Manager, says the company “only lost 10 man days due to COVID-19 through implementing  TRITEMPTM“.  The introduction of temperature screening has allowed Energy Store to stop workers that have a fever from entering the doors and therefore reducing the possibility of Covid positive workers spreading the infection to the rest of the employees.

Hunter added “the employees know they are safer when they arrive to work, but importantly our customers are assured that we are taking steps to ensure their safety also.” TriMedika aims to offer the same to as many businesses as possible during the tough economic period of COVID-19 restrictions.

The TRITEMPTM is a medical grade non-contact infrared thermometer, manufactured in the UK and  used in 16 countries globally. With the aim to reduce infection through non-contact temperature reading, the TRITEMP™ is a robust thermometer which is trusted by over 500 hospitals. Its ease of use means it is perfect for getting employees back to work during the pandemic, with the assurance of safety within the ranks.


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