Tue 12 – Wed 13 July 2022, Manchester Central
What if you could accelerate your organisation’s transformation journey today?

In such unprecedented times of economic, environmental and societal pressures, the world is transforming at an accelerated rate. Is your organisation transforming to keep pace?

What does ‘transformation’ mean for you? Perhaps it’s tied to optimising assets, boosting business resilience or mapping a journey to Net Zero? Perhaps it’s an integrated, whole-company solution or focused on improving one aspect of your operations? Whatever your challenge today, technology, paired with the people and culture to apply it, is central to helping your organisation take on tomorrow.

At Siemens, we have to transform too. Just like our customers, we’re decarbonising our global estate and continuously optimising our 250 factories to ensure they’re productive, efficient and sustainable. For 175 years, we’ve been at the forefront of transformation for the sectors which form the backbone of our nations’ economies. And that’s why we’re hosting #Transform – a 2-day conference and exhibition at the heart of central Manchester to collaborate and solve your transformation challenges.

At this year’s event, we’re bringing together:

•       World-class brands, both large and small, to tell their transformative stories
•       The latest cutting-edge technologies
•       A huge cross-sector audience

Join us to discover common solutions to all your most pressing challenges and take on tomorrow, together.


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