Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited (Hunter) have developed the World’s first EN14683 certified face cover that is tested for Type IIR fluid resistance and reusable for 100 wash cycles. This makes the Hunter Ultra the World’s most protective, most sustainable face covering globally.

With millions of disposable face masks being sent to landfill each week, many organisations are now turning to the Hunter Ultra to offer the same level of protection as a Type IIR face mask without the downside of being a single use disposable. In addition to vastly reducing the volume of waste product going to landfill, the Hunter Ultra also saves the organisation money on procurement costs, improves wearer comfort and they can design the face cover to their corporate identity for colour and logo type.

The Hunter Ultra provides a long-term, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative solution to the use of disposable Type IIR face masks for everyone working outside a medical environment. It has never been easier to move your organisation to being more sustainable in a single decision.

The Hunter Ultra was initially designed for distribution via The UK’S National Framework for Consumable PPE, a UK Government contract which has already seen Hunter, in partnership with the UK Procurement Hub, deliver over 50 million units of high quality, certified consumable PPE products to the UK’s key working organisations throughout the COVID-19 period.

The Hunter Ultra was approved by the UK’s National Technical Lead for PPE as part of a rigorous approval process for all products offered on this framework. This Governmental due diligence process gives all of Hunter’s clients the reassurance they need on this product category.

Due to the great many benefits of the Hunter Ultra in reducing environmental impact, procurement costs, all while offering better protection due to the superior fit, the Hunter Ultra is now available via the National Framework for Consumable PPE or directly via Hunter, to any organisation or individual anywhere in the world. 

Benefits of the Hunter Ultra include

  • Huge cost savings through no longer requiring large volumes of disposable single-use Type IIR face masks because the Hunter Ultra provides the same level of protection but at a fraction of the cost due to its 100-wash cycle lifespan.
  • Vastly reducing the environmental impact x 100 versus the disposing of Type IIR face masks.
  • The Hunter Ultra has an antibacterial lining to offer an added layer of protection.
  • The Hunter Ultra has a fabric flap on the nose bridge to prevent condensation from fogging up glasses and for a comfortable fit.
  • The Hunter Ultra can be manufactured in any colour and comes with or without your logo’s / branding.
  • The Hunter Ultra is available in two sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for an entire diverse workforce.

“I have never been prouder to lead Hunter than during the period of this pandemic. We have delivered more than 50 million PPE items to the front line and showed our cutting-edge R&D result in world first product design brought to market with unbelievable agility. Our purpose driven company is really firing on all four cylinders as we accelerate forward through 2021 and beyond.”

Simon Hunter, Esq, M.B.E. CEO of Hunter

The Hunter Ultra is now available via Hunter’s on the following link or for quotations on larger orders please contact us on

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