At VeroZen we’re building a solution (methodology, consulting, and SaaS application) to minimise project risk and protect the capital that organisations reinvest in the form of business change.   We think this is particularly pertinent right now, post Covid and post Brexit, where ever the £/€ has to count.

As part of our market research we’ve conducted numerous interviews and we’ve honed our focus based on all the feedback.

We’d really love to get the perspective of manufacturing businesses in NI. We’re particularly interested in the views of project managers and business stakeholders such as owners and directors.

We’d love it if you could:

  • have a go at the 5 min survey, and
  • share the survey  with their PMs/project execs network in their organisations and beyond?

I’ll be sending a £25 Amazon voucher to 2 respondents via a draw. Also, respondents can tick a box if you want the final outputs based on the responses…the responses so far have unearthed some interesting insights and I do think they’d be interesting to the sector. I’d be more than happy to run a (FOC) session for those that are interested on the outputs and the implications from the survey.



Google forms survey..

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