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We are a manufacturer led campaign which celebrates, champions and protects all parts of the local manufacturing sector. We work with members, workforce representatives, policymakers and regulators to challenge areas which impact on the cost of doing business, specifically around business rates, energy, labour, skills, Covid and Brexit. We represent all parts of the manufacturing economy by helping companies overcome obstacles, grow and thrive.

Each year, we protect the £58m Industrial Rates saving, take tens of millions of pounds off energy bills, secure finance for key skills development, promote investment and much more on an economy and an individual firm level.

We make sure your voice is heard in the corridors of power in Belfast, London, Dublin, Brussels and Washington. Our stated goal is to make Northern Ireland the best place to have a manufacturing company – no matter the challenges – drawing on our powerful and influential network to represent your interests.

We work closely with skills providers so that gaps are filled ensuring that whilst firms are equipped for the challenges of today, they are equally prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

And we provide bespoke practical advice on any area which impacts your business. We run regular webinars based on issues and opportunities that impact the industry, and ensure that our members are updated with any changes with regards to Brexit, Covid, skills and any issues that develop.

Your support is essential so we can continue to celebrate, champion and protect our sector.

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