Mid & East Antrim Council are delighted to advise we have arranged an exciting and inspiring STEM Ambassador Information Session with Dr Anna Monaghan on Tuesday 20th September.  The STEM Ambassador Programme is managed by STEM Learning, the largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Their vision is to provide a world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK.

A regional network of 18 STEM Ambassador Hubs co-ordinate volunteering opportunities. The STEM Ambassador Hub in Northern Ireland is managed by Dr Gill Humes (Deliberate Learning Ltd) and Dr Anna Monaghan.

STEM Ambassadors help employers connect with young people, inspiring them to become the next generation of STEM professionals. Through outreach programmes in schools, colleges and out-of-school groups, your support can help grow the UK’s workforce with talented and passionate individuals. A network of 40,000 STEM Ambassadors, from 7,000 employers, volunteer over 640,000 hours a year to make this happen.

Event:          STEM Ambassador Information Session

Date:           20 September 2022

Time:           12 noon

Location:     Zoom.  Link will be issued upon registration

To register please contact Ann.Doran@midandeastantrim.gov.uk

For more information check out STEM Ambassadors | STEM NI | Programme Overview.

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