Brexit and NI Manufacturers

What your company needs to know about the UK Exit from the EU.

Manufacturing NI  have been working, along with colleagues, on seeing an orderly implementation of the UK and EU’s Withdrawal Agreement and NI Protocol. We will continue to monitor, consult on and inform on any issues which arise which will impact the industry.


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Brexit & NI Manufacturers

Supporting your business through the complex changes ahead.

Brexit continues to be a massive issue for NI Manufacturers, and we realise that this an ever changing set of issues.

Manufacturing NI has been at the heart of discussions in Belfast, Dublin, London and Brussels, making sure that your voice is being heard. The costs of Brexit borne by our manufacturing community through managing migration, origin certification, customs cost and delays and potentially tariffs and non-tariff barriers.

We have a range of tools that can help organisations  to manage and prepare for issues.

Brexit Toolkit

This toolkit will help your business deal with trade and migration issues

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