Thu, 29 July 2021
14:30 – 15:30

Plastic is seen as both a wonder product and a major environmental problem. The problem comes from both the use of fossil fuels in its production, and the issues caused for nature and the climate if managed and disposed of irresponsibly.

Plastic is nearly impossible to escape in our daily lives and it’s easy to forget with all the negative press, that it provides society with innumerable benefits. However, plastic IS being mismanaged, leading to growing calls for a reduction in unnecessary use and better management of plastic at the end of its useful life. This is now reflected in procurement strategies, where evidence of impact metrics and sound management practices are increasingly required.

Join our webinar on 29th July 2021 to hear how organizations are responsibly managing their plastics use and disposal through identification, analysis and action planning. The Responsible Plastic Management Program is an assurance initiative to help organizations demonstrate that they care for the environment and have robust plastic management practices in place. This can help enhance reputation, reduce both costs & risk and improve environmental performance.

Webinar Format

  • Insights to the Global Plastic Problem
  • Efforts to manage plastic
  • Organization Case Insights 1
  • Organization Case Insights 2
  • RPM Q&A


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