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Are you thinking of starting a Higher Level Apprenticeship (HLA) / Apprenticeship Level 2/3 in September 2022? We invite potential applicants/students to register for a chat with employers, by choosing your HLA / Apprenticeship L2/3 area.  Employers will organise directly with you to have one to one/*group conversations via Zoom, MS Teams or their preferred platform during 14-25th February 2022. *Group Conversation may include SRC Staff.

Before selecting (HLA)/Apprenticeship area find out information about entry requirements for specific programmes on SRC’s website ‘Find a course’ here you will get further details for each programme as you search under Apprenticeships and Higher Level Apprenticeships.

What else is happening during Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Week at SRC?
Visit SRC’s website for The Big Apprenticeship Event 2022 during 7-11th February 2022 to hear ‘A conversation with’ Thompson Aero Seating and Apprentices, ‘A Conversation with’ McGuiness Plumbing Ltd and Apprentices, Live Q&A Apprenticeship and much more…

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January 26, 2022

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