Webinar- 17th December, 1pm


The UK left the EU on 31st January 2020, and on 1 January 2021 the current transition period is scheduled to end. Depending on the outcome of negotiations during the transition period, new legal restrictions may apply to the transfer of personal data between the UK and the countries of the EU.

‘Personal data’ includes information that could be used to identify an individual such as name, address, number, IP address or cookie identifier.

In the event of a non-negotiated outcome, there may be no legal basis for continued transfer of personal data from EEA countries to the UK.

A business based in Northern Ireland may, for example, be legally unable to:

  • access payroll data stored in the Republic of Ireland
  • receive customer names and addresses from a company in the Netherlands
  • access details of employees of subsidiary companies in Germany

Why don’t you sign up and attend the webinar  which will focus on the preparations business should consider making, in order to receive personal data transfers from the EU, including  the Republic of Ireland.


Webinar December 2020 – Draft 2

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