Labour Survey- we need your help!

We appreciate that you are extremely busy and these are difficult conditions for business at the moment. However, we would encourage you to complete this short survey that is being conducted by us as part of a wider NI Business Brexit Working Group (NIBBWG).

The NIBBWG is a group of 14 business bodies and representative groups representing thousands of businesses in the region. We seek to raise the profile and understanding of practical issues facing businesses across all sectors and due to deep concern about the impact of labour shortages, it has been decided to extend the remit of the group to examine this issue.

The purpose of the survey is to assess the nature, extent and impact of labour shortages in Northern Ireland and how businesses are attempting to cope with these difficulties. The information we receive will help the group provide substantive and much-needed evidence to the UK Government and local policymakers on necessary mitigations to support the NI economy.

You can access the survey by clicking on this link:

The survey will take approx. 15-20 minutes to complete and the data you submit will be treated anonymously. No information is requested that can identify your business, unless you submit that voluntarily. The ‘top-level findings’ from the survey may be issued to the media as appropriate.

The survey data will be securely stored and analysed by a small research team at Queen’s University Belfast.

The Survey is open for just ten days and will close at midnight on Tuesday 12th October.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

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