If you are moving permitted chilled meats from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, Prohibited and Restricted (P&R) Export Health Certificates will be required from and including 22 February 2021.

The P&R Attestations (compliance declarations) you have been using to move these goods will no longer be valid for goods entering NI after 21 February 2021.

The official P&R Export Health Certificates (EHC) will be required for the movement of all P&R meat products until the grace period for the movement of such goods ends on 30 June 2021.

Required from and including 22 February to 30 June 2021

  • consignments that enter NI must be accompanied with a P&R EHC
  • the certificates will be issued per product type, rather than per lorry
  • the certificates must be signed by an Official Veterinarian (OV)
  • all goods will require the completion of a Common Health Entry Document (CHED) on the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES), to pre-notify the NI point of entry

You can start applying for a P&R EHCs now, but do not use them for consignments of fresh meat, minced meat and meat preparations arriving in NI before 22 February 2021.

You will be eligible for financial support toward the cost of P&R EHC certification. Your OV is able to invoice the government for costs up to £150 (+ VAT) per EHC, as part of the Movement Assistance Scheme.

Read more about the new documentation requirements for importing prohibited and restricted chilled meat products to NI from GB.

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