Manufacturing Month 2023


Manufacturing Month showcases excellence in our regional manufacturing sector. In May 2023, there will be a series of innovative events, , seminars, tours, and a flagship Leadership Summit across Northern Ireland which will celebrate our manufacturing industry, examine the challenges facing the sector and map out a vision for the future of the industry as we enter a new decade.

Delivered in partnership with our sponsors, Manufacturing Month NI will bring together leading manufacturers, policy experts, schools and young people, and other business leaders to highlight the strength of our local manufacturing industry while also creating new opportunities and inspiring the next generation of manufacturers and engineers.


Stephen Kelly, Chief Executive, Manufacturing NI said:

“The first ever Manufacturing Month was cut short due to the arrival of the Covid pandemic in March 2020, so this May is an opportunity to refocus and reset after a difficult couple of years. Manufacturing Month shines a light on the people and the great firms who make the sector what it is, the people who have led by example during the pandemic. 

“Despite everything that has been thrown at the sector since 2020 – Covid, Brexit, war in Europe, supply chain stresses and huge cost rises – the sector is buoyant and optimistic and poised to create more wealth and work in every community across Northern Ireland.

“As our economy and our society emerges from the Covid pandemic, it’s vital that we do all that we can to support our manufacturers. Northern Ireland is an attractive place to do business because of the talent on offer, our unique dual market access, and the incredibly creative, resilient, and brave leaders at every level in our industry. We must cherish and celebrate what makes manufacturing in Northern Ireland so great, and initiatives like ManufacturingMonth are great opportunities to do just that.”


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