How to Manage Brexit-related Supply Chain Risk

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An important function of supply chain management involves ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted flows of products and materials.  Brexit is likely to disrupt the supply chains of manufacturers in Northern Ireland with suppliers in the EU due to the introduction of customs checks and other regulations around product standards.  This topic will help you to identify the supply chain risks associated with Brexit and the drivers of these risks.  You will then be able to formulate strategies for dealing with these risks and develop “what-if” scenarios to help you identify and prioritise each Brexit-related supply chain risk so that it can be managed effectively.

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The supply chain risks and the drivers of these risks in the context of Brexit. Supply chain risks in the context of Brexit
Covers a range of supply chain issues in relation to Brexit, with a particularly informative section on the risks of Brexit for supply chains. FTA Ireland Supply chain management briefing note
Covers some of the hidden risks for buyers and suppliers as a result of Brexit. Look under the surface: Brexit’s hidden issues for buyers and suppliers

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How to develop strategies for managing each of the Brexit-related risks in your supply chain. How to develop strategies for managing risks
How to develop “what-if” scenarios associated with Brexit supply chain risks, and then prioritise each risk so that it can be managed effectively. How to develop “what-if” scenarios.

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