Makers Alliance is working to develop a road map for the future of manufacturing and makers in Northern Ireland. There is a significant amount of policy and funding decisions at council, NI Executive and UK wide level.

To build engagement directly with business to support creation of road map and input at sub-regional, regional and national level. Makers Alliance wants to better understand the immediate, medium- and long-term challenges and opportunities seen from the perspective of owner managers, directors and key decision makers in our sector.

Areas for Engagement:

  • Skills Needs & Sector Attractiveness
    A long discussed and deep-rooted issue, what can be done to address it? What challenges does business need to own and where does education and government fit?
  • Productivity & Competitiveness
    While manufacturing productivity and competitiveness is above the Northern Ireland average it is under the wider UK. The predecessor to the Makers Alliance within Invest NI developed a 4Manufacturing assessment and route map to help business understand opportunities and benchmark, would wider access to this or similar be of benefit?
  • Innovation & Digital – City & Growth Deal Capital Projects
    £140m minimum is earmarked for capital projects in Northern Ireland, how do these deliver value for business? Does business see benefit from multiple projects or would a single entity or similar be better? Do councils, universities and colleges deliver for business now? What works well and what does not?
  • Wider UK and RoI Engagement
    How does Northern Ireland maximise the best possible outcome for manufacturing businesses? Is there a need for a different form of engagement with business to support this?

To find out more- please register for our information session on September 14th at 09:30am via zoom

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