The Implications of Brexit for Logistics Management

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Logistics management is an important aspect of supply chain management that is used to meet customer demands through planning, control and the movement of products and information in the supply chain.  This topic explores the potential impact of Brexit on the movement of products along the cross-border transit routes between Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland EU and the actions you can take to minimise disruption and control economic costs.

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This resource outlines the potential logistics implications of Brexit for cross-border transit routes. Logistics implications for cross-border transit routes
This resource outlines the potential implications of Brexit for customs Customs implications of Brexit
An overview of incoterms and your obligations to avoid costly penalties. Incoterms
A short overview of transitional simplified procedures and how you can use them to declare your goods to customs. Transitional Simplified Procedures
Covers a range of supply chain issues from FTA Ireland in relation to Brexit, with a particularly informative section on the implications of Brexit for logistics management.

Supply chain management briefing note


Useful articles from KPMG on the implications for customs and your supply chain.

Brexit: Supply chain, trade and customs archive


BDO’s insight into implications for customs in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit: The ‘no deal’ plan for customs declarations


A summary background on Incoterms.

Brexit: Time to evaluate your terms of trade – Incoterms



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Apply for authorised economic operator (AEO) certification Apply for AEO certification
Apply for an economic operator registration and identification (EORI) number Apply for an EORI number
Use the common transit convention Use the common transit convention
This resource outlines additional strategies for managing logistics difficulties in a Brexit context Additional strategies for managing logistics difficulties

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