InterTrade Ireland have launched a Supply Chain resilience assessment, which is fully funded to a limited number of organizations on the island of Ireland. It is being offered to 20 ROI and 10 NI companies as a pilot with a view to deploying it as a full time support program in the near future.

The aim is to help companies explore new business opportunities and increase their cross border supply chain robustness. To participate, the business must currently trade cross-border and have a supply chain spend of >£25k per annum in the cross-border jurisdiction (N/S or S/N – not off island), and have a sales turnover of less than £40m (or € equivalent)

The selected companies will be linked to an assessor who would guide them through the use of the diagnostic, and once completed, the SME will receive up to 3 days free mentoring support.

The focus is on performance improvement within the existing supply chains, improving resilience, and growing existing new products or service opportunities across both jurisdictions.

Attached is both the information flyer & application form. Companies wishing to apply should send the application form to Winning Moves Ltd at
ITI Chain Supply Support Flyer Final ITI Supply Chain Application – Final Version

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