Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) holding final stakeholder clinic and Virtual Technology Marketplace for businesses for £60 million competition

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is hosting the last in its series of stakeholder clinics to help and support businesses interested in applying for IETF funding in the current IETF Phase 2: Autumn 2021 competition window. Our Virtual Technology Marketplace is also live and businesses can register now.

Businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can bid for a share of up to £60 million in grant funding through the current competition window, which closes on Monday 6 December. The competition will provide grant funding towards the costs of:

  • Studies – feasibility and engineering studies to investigate identified energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects prior to an investment decision.
  • Energy Efficiency projects – deployment of technologies to reduce industrial energy consumption.
  • Deep Decarbonisation projects – deployment of technologies to achieve industrial emissions savings.

IETF stakeholder clinics

The stakeholder clinics help businesses planning on bidding for Phase 2 funding by enabling them to speak directly to BEIS and ask questions around potential bids, scope of the competitions, eligibility criteria, how to apply for funding, the IETF support and information services available, etc.

They provide an excellent opportunity to engage with organisations directly and we welcome the chance to be able to talk to you and help with your queries. The clinics are run on a fortnightly basis with the final one for this competition window taking place on 23 November 2021.

To register to attend our stakeholder clinics, please visit our registration site. 

IETF Virtual Technology Marketplace

To support businesses interested in applying for IETF funding, we are running the Virtual Technology Marketplace, which offers industrial site owners (eligible manufacturers and data centres) the chance to browse videos showcasing the potential technology that can reduce the energy demand and emissions associated with their industrial processes.

If you are an industrial site owner, by signing up for the Technology Marketplace you will be able to see videos pre-screened to ensure only technologies eligible for the IETF competitions are featured. Covering both energy efficiency and decarbonisation technology areas, they will give manufacturers and data centre owners ideas and contacts for technologies that could be deployed on their industrial sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To register for the Technology Marketplace, please visit our registration site.

To upload a video to the Technology Marketplace, please visit our uploading site.

To find out more about the £60 million IETF Phase 2: Autumn 2021 competition, view the applicant guidance and make an application for funding, please visit our competition page.

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