By the time COVID-19 19 reached the UK, some organisations had already committed to doing everything within their power and more to support the UK Government in their response to the pandemic.

Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited (Hunter) are one of these organisations. A 3rd generation family-run business who when the pandemic began quickly realised that their customers in the Emergency Services, Healthcare, Utilities and other key working organisations would require their support and expertise in sourcing and manufacturing the much needed critical PPE and related products required to respond to COVID-19 19.

In the early part of 2020, Hunter unleashed investment from is financial reserves of more than £1 million into their operational capabilities – including a 38% increase in staff, improved IT systems, a new e-commerce website for PPE sales, robotic cutting machines, robotic box making and wrapping machines, pallet makers and expanded their operational spaces. All of these investments were made in conjunction with the core leadership team working 7 days a week, sometimes up to 18 hours per day, to understand the needs of their clients and setting in motion solutions to ensure their staff had adequately certified PPE throughout the crisis.

Hunter’s team had the privilege of working with many of the UK’s key working front line organisations including the NHS, Police Services, Fire Services, Prison Services, Transportation Services and Utilities, and have supplied them with all with certified PPE, face covers and other related decontamination product and services.

One of the key roles Hunter played was their partnership with the UK’s National Fire Chiefs Council, wherein Hunter acted as the main supplier for Covid related consumable PPE for the most of UK’s Fire Service.  

As a technology driven UK manufacturer with a highly skilled team of procurement, logistics and PPE professionals all powered by innovative, state of the art technologies, Hunter quickly rallied all their resources and committed to delivering success on the immense challenge of supplying the UK’s Fire Service alongside multiple other large scale commitments.

During the initial stages, the Hunter team worked alongside the National Procurement Hub’s Fire PPE Technical Lead to understand the requirements, and a rigorous due diligence process was carried out on every product that would be offered.

Once the Hunter team had identified the appropriate products and due diligence was completed, Hunter’s Procurement department utilised their long-standing relationships with specialist factories and logistics suppliers, to ensure product manufacturing schedules could be agreed and pricing stabilised regardless of the continuing influx of global demand for their services.

The Hunter Logistics team, together with the National Procurement Hub, navigated the various challenges that arose in ensuring products were released from their country of origin, and delivered to the UK as swiftly as possible. Prior to arrival in the UK, a full delivery plan was issued to each customer to ensure product was efficiently delivered to each allocated destination, with clear consignment information. So far, this partnership has benefited over 75 UK organisations and has seen over 50 million units of PPE delivered across the UK.

Hunter’s ability to successfully deliver has allowed them to now extend their UK National Framework Agreement formally and continue as a preferred contracted supplier for Covid 19 related consumable products and services.

Simon Hunter Esq, M.B.E. said,

 “Working throughout the Covid period has been challenging from every perspective but for myself and our staff at Hunter getting into work every day knowing we are actively supporting the UK’s frontline gave more meaning and purpose to our working lives than ever before.”

If your organisation would like to find out more about Hunter, the products and services we offer or the National Framework for consumable PPE please contact us on or 028 7126 2542

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