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HEG is the largest energy price comparison service for SME’s and the largest energy procurement consultancy for Industrial and Commercial business on the island of Ireland.

We help business of all sizes to measure, monitor and reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

Our customers range from the single-person workshop to among Ireland’s top five industrial users. Our offering is bespoke to the customer’s requirements including energy procurement, energy price risk management, invoice validation, “basketed” energy discounts, among other energy price related services.

For the small and medium user, our award winning Energy Buddi monitoring system helps you understand where and how you use your energy, helping you reduce your consumption and costs. This, coupled with our group discounts, ensures you optimise your energy cost.

For the industrial user, our energy trading desk has access to real-time information about a wide range of factors including power prices, prices of other key commodities like gas, coal and oil and understands global, regional and local events affecting demand and supply dynamics.

Services for Manufacturers

Price Risk & Trading Management

Energy Market Intelligence

Energy Monitoring for Large Energy Users

HEG provides Daily and Weekly Market Reports to our customers. Designed to help you make informed decisions on energy purchasing, the market reports capture wholesale gas and power spot prices along with carbon, foreign exchange, coal and oil pricing data.

Their trading desk is monitoring national and international energy markets 24/7, 365, protecting our customers from price spikes and monitoring the market for opportunities to trade.

Horizon’s suite of services keep you up to date on the markets and are designed to help you reduce your energy bills by providing on-time data affecting wholesale market prices. Our bespoke reports, analysis and support allow you  better manage your energy budget.

Please apply here if you would like to be considered to receive these reports. Please note that applications are screened.


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How can we help?

How can we help?