“The Australia – UK Chamber of Commerce has partnered with DIT for a webinar discussing the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement Government Procurement chapter. The webinar is Wednesday 16thFebruary at 8 am GMT – sign up link here:


Our expert speakers will discuss:

  • the purpose of FTA procurement chapters and how these benefit businesses
  • upcoming procurement opportunities
  • what to do if businesses face a barrier to participating in government procurement (re. covered procurement)
  • and detail how WTO procurement obligations that previously existed between the UK and Australia have evolved with the new FTA.

This session will be led by Juliana Reed: Lead Government Procurement Trade Negotiator, Department for International Trade.

Juliana has acted as lead Government Procurement negotiator in the UK-Australia and UK-Japan FTAs. Prior to negotiating procurement FTA chapters, Juliana supported the UK’s accession to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement – ensuring UK businesses maintained legally guaranteed access to £1.3 trillion worth of procurement opportunities post-EU Exit. In addition, Juliana has worked on a number of other issues across government, including EU Exit strategy and small business strategy.”

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