Do you want to support your managers to be at their best, to engage and motivate your teams, and to take responsibility for driving your organisation toward achieving its commercial goals?

Would you like to boost your managers’ confidence to innovate, implement meaningful change and handle difficult scenarios and conversations?

Would you like to equip your managers with behavioural-psychology-based communication skills to help them build collaborative, cohesive, high-performing teams?

The learning completed on ENGAGE can gain delegates an optional ILM Level 4 accreditation, which is roughly the equivalent of the first year of study toward a Bachelor’s Degree.

Managers will graduate this programme with:

  • Increased understanding of their role as a leader and the link to organisation strategy.
  • Awareness of personal communication style and using techniques to get the most from their team and professional relationships.
  • Understanding of and ability to apply the most recent theory in managing for high performance.
  • Confidence to manage change more effectively and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Confidence managing conflict and difficult conversations.
  • Techniques to foster personal resilience.
  • Increased confidence in their role.
  • Optional accreditation; ILM Level 4 Award or Certificate – in Leadership & Management.

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