Do You Know A Woman In STEM Who Should Be Recognised As A COVID Hero?

Submit your nominations to help WISE celebrate their work and legacy.

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) have helped improve our lives, communities and economy for the better.

We want to learn, share and celebrate the stories of unsung COVID heroes – to shine a light on women in STEM whose actions and brilliance have helped many through this unprecedented time.

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As part of the nomination process you will be asked a set of questions specific to each category, please prepare your answers prior to starting the nomination process

Award Categories

WISE Tech Award

This award will go to an exceptional woman who developed a new technological or digital solution to solve a societal, medical (not vaccine related) or technological challenge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The individual will have identified a problem that needed to be solved, then acted to deliver a successful response.

What problem or challenge did the technological or digital solution address?
Was the solution developed as part of the nominee’s existing role requirement or outside this?
Tell us about any setbacks the nominee experienced and how these were overcome.
What impact has the solution had? Please provide data to support the answer. How do these figures compare with the average for the sector?
Describe the key factors that make this solution a success.
Tell us about the benefits the solution created for business, the community, a sector, or wider.

WISE New Educator Award

This award will recognise a woman who developed an innovative approach to education or training, working at any level or in any sphere, to overcome a challenge created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The award is not limited to professional educators and will focus on impact.

What has the nominee done to continue to deliver STEM education/training during the Covid pandemic?
What challenges were presented by the pandemic and how the nominee changed their usual teaching practices to adapt and improve teaching or learning in the pandemic setting.
Was the programme developed as part of the nominee’s day-to-day work or was it created outside this?
What impact has programme had? Please include relevant data, examples or testimonials from students, parents, or co-workers.
What lessons were learnt that might be used to help deliver better STEM education during normal circumstances?

WISE Data Solution Award

This category aims to recognise an exceptional woman who created a novel data driven or analytical solution to a problem caused by the pandemic. We encourage women from all sectors to apply. Judges will be looking for innovative solutions likely to inspire other girls or women to follow their example.

What problem did the solution solve?
How did the nominee use data analysis within their work to make a difference?
Was the solution created as part of the nominee’s day-to day work or outside this? Please provide data to support the nomination.
How do these figures compare with the average for the sector?
What inspired them to use data to solve the problem presented and how they intend to utilise it in future to improve or improve the prospects of others in similar situations?
How will this story inspire girls and other women? Please quote relevant evidence, examples or testimonials.

WISE D&I Award

This award will recognise an individual, group or organisation that found innovative ways of ensuring that Diversity and Inclusion targets were met during the pandemic. The judges will assess support and training established by the solution. They will also examine evidence of targets met and impact on women within the relevant group or organisation.

What has the nominee done to encourage their organisation to remain focused on D&I initiatives and objectives? Who has the nominee targeted and why?
Tell us about the nominee’s achievements. Please include any relevant data, examples or testimonials.
Please describe ways in which this solution benefitted business, community, the sector or another group. Include any relevant data, examples or testimonials from women.
Tell us what made it successful and anything that might have been done differently.
What lessons were learnt and how might other organisations benefit from these?

WISE Community Champion Award

This award seeks to recognise a woman who developed a STEM solution to support community members during the pandemic. The work will have been done either as part of their employment or within a voluntary capacity. WISE is looking for new faces and potential STEM role models to champion STEM solutions developed for the public good. The winner will be held up as an example of ways in which women have contributed to STEM developments with a view to inspiring girls and women to work in the sectors.

Tell us about the solution developed, and how the idea was generated?
Does the nominee have STEM training?
Was the solution part of the nominee’s work?
Why does the nominee deserve this award?
How has the solution affected the wider community? Please include any relevant data, examples or testimonials.
What has the nominee done to help and encourage other women at their workplace and elsewhere?  Tell us about any setbacks experienced and include any relevant data, examples or testimonials.

WISE Responsive Hero Award

This award will recognise and celebrate a STEM hero whose paid or voluntary work during the pandemic was exceptional. This person’s response will have been over and above their traditional voluntary or paid duties.

Describe the work done, and how the nominee’s STEM expertise enabled this?
What problem did the nominee solve?
Who or what was the inspiration for this work?
What is the nominee most proud of achieving? Please include any relevant data, examples or testimonials.
Tell us about any lessons learnt and how they might be helpful to others? How is the nominee working to change the experience of girls and women working in STEM? What should be done to encourage more girls to work in the field?

How to nominate your COVID hero (submit your nomination by 31st December)

Step 1: Complete the online nomination form

Step 2: The Nominee will receive a digital certificate confirming they have been nominated for an award

Step 3:  Shout about your nomination and the difference that’s been made by your hero on social media; check out the media toolkit if you need some inspiration

Step 4:  Keep an eye out for award updates; award winners will be notified at the end of January 2022

Step 5:  Award winners will be invited to an exclusive VIP drinks reception for finalists, sponsors and prominent members of the WISE network in Central London in March 2022

Note: You don’t have to be a WISE member to take part. Our awards are open to everyone and we encourage multiple nominations.

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