Cobots (collaborative robots) can be used to help with tasks such as sanding, polishing, welding, etc. They’re a proven, valuable and accessible way for businesses to start automating low-level processes and boosting workplace efficiency, safety and wellbeing.

We’re delighted to be welcoming Craig Purcell from Universal Robots to our online session on 2 November ().

He’ll be discussing the 3iP method (Identify + Implement + Improve = Profitability).

“The aim of the 3iP method is to break down each stage, allowing organisations to make changes to their processes seamlessly. Once you Identify an area within your business that is causing restrictions, such as increasing product output or allowing employees to step away from repetitive and labour intensive tasks to focus on key deliverables, you’ll be able to consider objectively how cobots could provide you with an easy and cost-effective solution. Implementing a cobot into your production lines can be carried out in a matter of days, rather than weeks. Regular monitoring of your newly imputed cobot will ensure your business Improves on its time vs costs ratio, allowing you to ensure maximum efficiency levels. This will start to show a significant change, ultimately leading to business Profitability and the eventual introduction of further cobots.”

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