If you would like some 1-1 support from the Digi Manufacturing team c/o Manufacturing NI to develop your application further, then please E: mary@manufacturingni.org  by Friday 17th November 2023.  Please include the project details for the relevant project as requested below to enable us to identify the most suitable programme of support.  For both programmes above, the eligible manufacturing company must have  <250 employees and an annual turnover of  >£50,000 and less than £40m.

Innovation Boost

Have you a project idea in the area of robotics, automation, digitising manual processes, workflow process changes and product/service development?  If so can you kindly explain your idea below (2 sentences max)

  • The problem that your technology / idea is trying to solve:
  • A high level overview of the technology solution / project idea:

See brochure: InterTradeIreland – Innovation BOOST Programme Overview[16] for a brief overview of the Innovation Boost programme 


Trade Export Pathway

Do you need assistance to develop a cross border export plan or to grow your export for the Republic of Ireland market? Please complete below (2 sentences max)

  • Your business:
  • Your product/service:

TAP overview: https://intertradeireland.com/sales-growth/trade-export-pathway

Eligibility: https://intertradeireland.com/sales-growth/trade-export-pathway/eligibility-criteria

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