A team of researchers have been appointed by the Labour Employment Economic Forum (LEEF) through the Shared Island Unit (Department of the Taoiseach) to review the current conditions of the island of Ireland labour market, and challenges and opportunities for effective operation for workers and businesses across the island.

The purpose of the research is to provide an updated evidence base and analysis of the current all-island labour market conditions with a specific focus on the following factors in both jurisdictions and their impacts on the operation of the labour market across the island:

  • personal taxation,
  • pension entitlements and portability,
  • social welfare systems,
  • qualifications,
  • skills,
  • cross-border worker mobility,
  • the changing world of work (i.e., remote / hybrid working), and
  • collective bargaining and trade union coverage

With the aim to test findings in terms of themes.  This may include, for example, competitiveness, sustainable job creation and the labour market.

The team includes Maureen O’Reilly who is an independent Economist, Annmarie O’Kane who leads the Border People project with the Centre for Cross Border Studies, Seamus McGuinness and Anne Devlin from the ESRI and Rose Tierney, a cross border accountant and tax specialist.

Your Participation 

We are very keen to hear as many business views as possible and would appreciate 10 minutes of your time to understand the issues relating to employing people across the border, highlight the implications for your business and whether a solution has/can be found to them along with the potential opportunities for greater cooperation and operation of the labour market across the island.  To participate please click on the link below:


Your involvement is much appreciated.  Thank you.

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