Now, the UK has left the EU and the way we do business in Northern Ireland will be different. It’s important that your firm is ready for the transitions and the challenges they bring.

If your firm is having specific issues, please don’t hesitate in contacting us via email-

  1. Brexit Transition Checker Tool for a list of personalised actions and guidance.

  2. If you move goods into, out of, or through Northern Ireland, check the latest Northern Ireland Protocol guidance.

  3. The Trader Support Service provides free training and support for businesses navigating customs processes that will arise for goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Register here.

  4. The Movement Assistance Scheme will assist traders moving animals, plants and associated goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and will include a helpline with advisers ready to help you with the new requirements.  Read the guidance here.
  5.  All businesses that bring goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland should consider whether they meet the criteria for the UK Trader Scheme. Businesses now need to make declarations and may need to pay any tariffs due when bringing goods into Northern Ireland from Great Britain or from countries outside of the EU.

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