A software platform aimed at supporting businesses to easily comply with legislation has been launched. Belfast-based start-up, ARMOUR, simplifies the compliance process and ensures businesses can keep their employees and customers safe, while also avoiding penalties, fines and legal actions.

ARMOUR is the first platform that intelligently identifies, manages and audits a company’s legal requirements for regulatory compliance, ensuring the company is always fully compliant as their operations or legislations change.

The platform will focus on Health and Safety Law, Environmental Law and Employment Law and is now available in Northern Ireland. It will be available to businesses in the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland in the coming weeks.

An annual subscription, ARMOUR is currently priced at £50 per month, but is offering NI businesses a free 14-day trial.

Harnessing cloud-based technology, ARMOUR connects businesses to its up-to-date pool of legislative content. A user simply creates a business profile detailing the functions and locations of its operations, a process that usually takes three minutes. ARMOUR then creates a bespoke legislation register and compliance report, identifying and highlighting any non-conformances and what is needed for the business to comply.

The architecture and design of the platform enables ARMOUR to rapidly deliver compliance updates as any changes are made to existing laws. This will ensure its subscribers are always aware of new changes to legislation and the additional requirements they may need to meet as a result.
In response to COVID-19, ARMOUR has developed a free hub offering specialist guidance and template legislation from HSENI, Manufacturing NI, CEFNI and other relevant industry bodies. Access to this facility is completely free of charge, to give employers the practical tools needed to protect their workforce and customers from health and safety risks.

ARMOUR founder and CEO, Charlene Armour, has worked in the field of health, safety and environmental legislative compliance for over a decade, as a consultant, an auditor, expert witness in legal cases and most importantly a business owner trying to adapt and implement these requirements.

The inspiration for ARMOUR came as a result of her direct experience seeing hundreds of businesses struggle with legal jargon and how difficult it can be to source quality documentation tailored to their businesses at an affordable price.

ARMOUR founder and CEO, Charlene Armour, said: “If you don’t know what you’re liable for, how can you protect your employees and your business? Complying with legislation doesn’t need to be the complicated, expensive, document-heavy process that it currently can be. Upholding your legal responsibilities as a business should be a simple, affordable and practical process. That’s where ARMOUR adds real value.

“Our technology removes the traditional, historical barriers that NI businesses are facing when it comes to compliance. It provides an efficient, easy-to-follow, cost-effective solution that allows a business to quickly identify and address any legal gaps.

“From my ten plus years working as a consultant and auditor, I know that businesses respect the moral obligation they have to their employees and customers. The vast majority of businesses do not knowingly ignore the law. However, there is a huge knowledge and awareness gap between business owners and legislative requirements.

“Unfortunately, I have seen some businesses who failed to comply with laws lose up to £1 million in prosecution fees, injury claims, increases to their insurance premiums and legal fees. In addition, negative incidences can cause irreparable damage to a business’s reputation.

“ARMOUR will focus on Health and Safety, Environmental and Employment legislation as these legislations concern all businesses across Northern Ireland, big and small, from the local newsagents to the manufacturing giant.

“I’m extremely proud of the product we’ve created and after around 18 months of hard work and dedication to building this state-of-the-art solution, it’s rewarding but it’s motivating to launch, as I know ARMOUR will make a huge difference to businesses.

“Now, as we move toward a ‘new normal’ following the COVID-19 pandemic, I understand that legislation is a huge concern for businesses. The free trial we’re currently offering is a great way for NI businesses to access up-to-date guidance related to COVID-19, but also positively transform how they manage all legislations moving forward and get a real sense of the difference ARMOUR can make.”

For more information and to sign up to access Covid-19 supports visit www.armour.ai

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