Manufacturing NI launches annual Leadership ‘Anchor High’ Summit

Manufacturing NI has launched the 2020 Leadership ‘Anchor High’ Summit taking place on 10th and 11th March at the Lough Erne Resort in Fermanagh.

 The summit is the flagship event in the latest initiative from Manufacturing NI – Manufacturing Month 2020 – which has been backed by leading sponsors such as KPMG, Siemens, Willis Towers Watson, Barclays, and Invest NI.

 The ‘Anchor High’ two-day summit will include a host of speakers which will include pioneering leaders with experience of industry such as:

  •  Liam McCaffrey, Chief Executive, Quinn Industrial Holdings
  • Tom Hughes, Commercial Director, GT Exhausts
  • Sarah Black-Smith, Head of Factory Operations, Siemens
  • Professor Paul Maropoulos, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre of Northern Ireland
  • Lee Collinson, National Head of Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Barclays

 Attendees will expect to be challenged, inspired and have their mindset transformed through a series of insightful keynotes and reflective sessions, gaining insight into new workforce planning and models of operation that will redefine manufacturing. 

 In attendance will also be several support organisations to promote live funding and collaborative opportunities. 

“After the uncertainty of Brexit, I think what’s important for business leaders is just to get back to what you’re there for and what the essence of your business is about.  Our summit will give manufacturing leaders the chance to explore and to share best practice, build relationships with others facing or beating similar challenges from workforce planning to culture, leadership and diversity. It’s a chance to challenge themselves and others just like them”.

 “Manufacturers around the globe are transforming thanks to new technological advances and shifting sales channels which are reshaping the competitive landscape.  Delegates will hear about these opportunities from real company case-studies and industry experts.” 


 For more information or to book a place, please visit  Early booking is advisable as places are restricted. 

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