Almac Sciences, a member of the Almac Group, has been awarded the highest grade of “outstanding” by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grading panel following the successful  completion of a three year project in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

The project which looked at the development of highly innovative continuous flow processes with a key focus on high pressure hydrogenations received the highest accolade after successfully meeting all of the KTP’s objectives.

The Innovate UK-funded KTP aimed to embed flow technologies to ensure long term security of supply for key raw materials through development of a continuous flow platform technology. Continuous flow approaches are impacting the drive to ensure novel, improved technologies strengthen supply chain resilience, contribute to Net Zero Impact and support continued growth of the manufacturing sector.

Dr. Megan Smyth, Team Leader and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Almac Sciences’ commented: “The KTP project has been a huge success which has embedded new technology capacity and knowledge into Almac. As a CDMO, having a wide range of synthetic capabilities is essential to deliver on the complex target chemical structures that our customers contract us to manufacture.”

The main achievements from this KTP partnership include the build and installation of flow rigs within Almac Sciences and the successful delivery of multiple projects at 100’s of kgs scale.  Project success has been disseminated through peer reviewed publications, multiple conference presentations, poster prizes and retention of the KTP associate in a full-time employment within the company.

Dr. Scott Wharry, Custom and Flow Chemistry Manager, Almac Sciences commented: “Congratulations to the whole team on the successful completion of the KTP. Receiving the highest accolade is testament to the hard work throughout the project. The flexibility and resilience demonstrated by both the KTP associate, Academic supervisor and Company supervisors during the pandemic was admirable as they worked tirelessly to ensure project delivery and managed change to deliver with a business-centric focus.”

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