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Who We Are

Manufacturing Counts

It creates jobs and wealth, producing the goods that we all need, from bread to health scanners to wind turbines. It is the bedrock of the Northern Ireland economy, dependent not on the whims of public expenditure but the industry of its people.

Northern Ireland has a place on the global stage: its manufacturing heritage is present in the story of the modern world, from building the then largest object ever to move (Titanic) to revolutionising the world of farming (Massey Ferguson) to creating the tyres (Dunlop) that gave people mobility. And that contribution continues today and will in the future, including technologies that today are science but tomorrow will be taken for granted by customers all over the world.

Manufacturing flourishes when it is valued and supported. Ensuring it is sets a challenge, part of which is down to Manufacturing Northern Ireland. We need to speak up more about our successes, make sure our contribution is recognised and enthuse the next generation to engage in manufacturing, to see the value in making things.

We see that bright future and have identified actions to make it happen

However we need the active partnership of others, notably Government, which shapes the environment we work in. We need to see a framework that encourages innovation, supports enterprise and facilitates growth, one where seeking to make things happen is ‘wind assisted’ not a series of bureaucratic barriers.

We in Manufacturing Northern Ireland have welcomed the establishment of an Assembly, and have seen its early action to halt excessive Industrial Rates as a sign that it is receptive to the needs of local industry, and understanding of the importance of the sector to the whole economy, from transport to services.

We therefore commend our MLAs but also challenge them, thank them for the work to date but ask them to stand up alongside us and take these steps for a better future, one that brings jobs and sustainability to Northern Ireland. This is a vision that we can all unite behind, taking a shared pride in our achievements.