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Specialist Joinery Group

Specialist Joinery Group has an exceptional team of people, who work consistently to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and product quality.

It is our prime objective. Our team cares about the job they do, which is a definite benefit of working with a family owned, family managed business.

To compete at the highest level, we recruit, train, develop, and retain the best available talent in the industry. At Specialist Joinery Group we employ over 100 people including Contracts Managers, Foreman, Skilled Craftsmen and Design Technicians, many of which have with us since we started in 1988.

RESPECT – We encourage ideas and knowledge sharing through a culture of respect and continual improvement.

TEAMWORK – Our processes encourage collaborative working to deliver the best solution for our Clients.

PERFORMANCE – We are professionals and advocate best practice to meet client’s highest expectations.

OPENNESS – We encourage listening and sharing; building trust & acting with integrity; treating others with respect and working with transparency.

INNOVATION – We challenge our teams to be inventive, we continually adapt and introduce fresh approaches to all aspects of our business.

SJG Being a Specialist 2018