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  • "Brexit can only be a success if businesses make it a success"
    Anyone in business knows the first thing asked by lawyers is “do they owe the money or not?”. As it’s already been accepted, the £39bn Brexit bill will still have to be paid - voluntarily, or through legal compulsion. It’s a bill, not the price of a future relationship. There may be no deal coming (with all its consequences), but the UK and EU will have to do a deal in the (near) future, so need to get back to the table. The EU know this. Even a “No Deal&rdqu...

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  • Job Opportunity- MEGA Facilitator
    The Manufacturing & Engineering Growth & Advancement network (MEGA) is seeking to appoint a ‘Facilitator’ to work, co-ordinate and manage the implementation of an action plan designed to address the immediate and medium-term skills and employability issues facing the Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing sectors in the Mid Ulster Council area.  The project will be supported by Invest NI via Collaborative Growth Programme and will run for a 30-month period commencing upo...

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  • Unlock your Business's Potential with R&D Tax Credits
    Unlock Your Business’s Potential With R&D Tax Credits Over the past few years the number of R&D Tax Credit ‘professionals’ has increased, like any marketplace that experiences an increase in demand for services. However, if you sign on the dotted line with an inexperienced, unqualified advisor, this can have damaging consequences for your business. At Momentum, we are calling for all manufacturing companies to do their due diligence before signing up with ‘so-ca...

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  • Northern Ireland Skills Barometer 2019 update
    This updated report provides a detailed understanding of the skill requirements for the Northern Ireland economy up to 2028 with the aim of ensuring that any skills gaps are identified and addressed. The research analyses where the skills gaps are currently, where they are emerging and where they are likely to emerge over the longer term. The Skills Barometer will continue to be relevant in shaping policy across all areas of skills provision as it will allow Government to allocate its funding i...

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  • Plant & Civil Engineer Golf Masters 2019
    Plant & Civil Engineer Golf Masters 2019Lough Erne Resort, Faldo Course29/08/19For more info, see flyer....

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  • Important - please check your new Rates Valuation
    Business Rates are a significant input cost for manufacturers given the size and scale of premises.  Manufacturing NI secured a 70% discount for your business back in 2007 and we continue to work to ensure this discount is applied and that Council's and Stormont set a reasonable rate poundage to apply to your property.Land and Property Services have completed their work in valuing all non-domestic properties in Northern Ireland.  The results of "Reval 2020" have just now been published...

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