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Manufacturing Northern Ireland

MNI is a campaigning organisation which works with member companies, workforce representatives, policymakers and regulators to challenge and encourage change in areas which impact on the cost of doing business, specifically rates, energy and labour. 

Ocean Liners, aircraft, pneumatic tyres, whiskey and tractors famously define Northern Ireland’s proud manufacturing history, but our innovation and endeavour are as globally significant today as the iconic businesses that helped transform the industrial world.

Far from being a twilight part of our economy, manufacturing generates annual sales approaching £20 billion, directly employing eighty thousand people, supporting production and employment in a wider supply chain and creating jobs and strong communities in every constituency across Northern Ireland.

Food, engineering, transport, technology, building products, fabrics, polymers, packaging and even the new renewable industries all benefit from the famous Ulster ingenuity and hard work. And you’re just as likely to see world-beaters in rural communities as you are in technology parks.